Ended】Gift campaign to celebrate the launch of Ginza's 釜めし "Autumn

Limited quantities - You must get it!
📢"Ginza's 釜めし "Autumn"" Launch Present Campaign📢.

Thank you for your continued support of 荻野屋.
From Saturday, September 16, 2023荻野屋 GINZASIXGinza's 釜めし "Autumn" will be on sale for a limited time. To commemorate the start of sales, customers who purchase "Ginza's 釜めし 'Autumn'" will receive a free piece of Soy Milk Maccha Dorayaki🍵.

*Only the first present will be given away as soon as all the dorayaki are gone.
*One soy milk green tea dorayaki per 1 TP10T in Ginza will be presented.

Campaign has ended

Dorayaki and Ginza's 釜めし "Autumn" are still on sale, so please be sure to try them.

Product Information

Product Name:釜めし "Autumn" in Ginza
Sales Stores:荻野屋 GINZASIX
Order Acceptance Time:Same as each store's business hours
Merchandise delivery store:Same as order acceptance store

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